Wulki farms Liberia

Wulki farms Liberia

Wulki Farms has been in operations for 10 years and is run by a 7-member board of directors which is chaired by Mr. Benoni Urey.  The daily operations are managed by its CEO, Mrs. Mai Bright Urey.  Our CEO, an information technology specialist, has over 20 years of experience in management and 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur.  She managed the IT division of multi-nationals including the Meridien BIAO bank and Ashanti Goldfields Company.  Her experiences include design, implementation, training, and post-installation support and management for computer packages.  Mrs. Urey had oversight responsibility for many African countries, including Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia, Swaziland, Tanzania, and Kenya.  She owned and managed Data Technology Solutions, Inc. which was the company that introduced the Internet in Liberia.

Wulki Farms Inc. is an agricultural venture, situated in Careysburg and was established in November 1998. Wulki Farms is the largest livestock and vegetable farm in Liberia.

Touring the Wulki Farm

Day tours can be arranged to the farm and there is just more than a farm, Local guides will be added to the Monrovia city tours and this can be arranged as part of the guided safari tours.

Spending some much needed time in the pool and exploring the grounds of this impressive estate. The swimming pools are excellent, especially considering where you are, and we had lots and lots of fun jumping in and out. There are also Crocodiles and Ostriches to be found, and the general area had some pretty good birding too.

Things to do in Wulki Farm Liberia

Just beyond Careysburg is the quirky Wulki Farm, owned by a former minister in Charles Taylor’s cabinet, where you can ride horses, go swimming or visit the little zoo for a glimpse of ostriches, crocodiles, and the occasional rabbit. There are several pricey and forgettable restaurants on-site serving European-esque food.

It also rents out a few mediocre chalets with internet (US$120 to US$160 including breakfast) in case you wish to stay or need a break from hectic Monrovia.

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