Providence Island Liberia

Providence Island Liberia

Providence Island is situated between Mesurado River and Stockton creek, can be described as an interesting period in the history of Liberia, and is very symbolic as a testament of how freed slaves forged nationhood out of their forced calamity upon gaining freedom when slavery was abolished.

Providence Island, formerly known as Dozoa, is located approximately 500 -600 meters away from the bar mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. The Island has both hydrological and geophysical characteristics that define the western fling of the Mesurado or Doo River. The island has sparsely distributed mangrove swamps at its south-eastern end.  Providence Island, from an aerial view, present a geophysical shape of a guitar with a landmass of 11.22 acres surrounded by the Mesurado River and Stockton creek.

Providence Island is a former trade post and the first arrival point of freed American Slaves. The site is characterized by a cement pillar and concrete floor believed to be the `first Concrete work in the history of the country, an ancient water well and an old landing docking platform for incoming canoes and ships. The rusted heavy steel bar of the dock are partly buried into the Mesurado river today.  In addition to these elements, is the oldest cotton tree, (250) years according to the history of the State?

How to get to Providence island Liberia

It’s a short drive across the Gabriel Tucker Bridge from Waterside Market the providence island is like a 10 minutes’ drive from the main capital Monrovia.


Currently, the island may be more abandoned than before and travelers are advised to discuss with their site guide the possibility of visiting and making sure all the necessary arrangements are made before traveling there for the visit if plans are not made some times you may find the property locked.

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