Cece Beach Liberia

Cece Beach Liberia

Cece beach is one of the most popular beaches in Liberia there are several resorts, restaurants, and hotels within walking distance. The smooth sand helps you enjoy walking the beautiful beach, surf some waves, or go snorkeling for beautiful underwater life. The beach’s bar and restaurant, with a secluded oasis with tall palm trees, create an exotic atmosphere.

Day visits can be arranged to enjoy the water sports at the beach, cold drinks, and delicious meals as you relax on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Things to do at the Cece beach Liberia

Enjoying sunset cruise

There is usually a beautiful sunset over the Atlantic Ocean at the beach so it’s a nice place to relax and enjoy the African sunset.

Watching local fishermen

Local fishermen usually report with fish and it’s nice to go and see what they catch and have a chat with them and if you have few Liberian dollars feel free to give them as a way of supporting the poor lads that looking for survival.

Enjoying cold drinks

The lovely white sand lined with palm trees is ideal for a cold Liberian beer and snack so if you have the time why not go for it.

Walking along the shoreline

Walks are secure along the beach line and you can walk barefoot and enjoy and admire the idle environment of the Cece beach.

Sunbathing in the day

Though evenings get busy if you have time you go down during the day and lay on the sandy beach as you enjoy the sun with the cool breeze of the ocean.

A place to stay near Cece beach Liberia

Riverside resort villas are one of the places to stay while in Freetown and you can drive to the Cece beach Liberia to ensure you have a 4×4 vehicle.

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