Lake Naivasha Kenya

Lake Naivasha Kenya

Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake in Kenya, outside the town of Naivasha in Nakuru County, which lies northwest of Nairobi. It is part of the Great Rift Valley. The name derives from the local Maasai name Nai’posha, meaning “rough water” because of the sudden storms which can arise.

Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha’s little brother, located just to the north-west, this mirror-like body of water is one of the real jewels of the Kenyan Rift.

Shining in hues of sky-blue beneath the red rock ridges of the aforementioned Hell’s Gate Park, the spot is widely famed for its thriving birdlife.

For example, there are uber-rare bearded vultures to see, along with ospreys, hawks, and eagles.

Add to that the geothermal power plants and geological phenomenon that occurs in the nearby mountains and it’s easy to see why Naivasha is now considered such a fascinating place to visit!

Things to do in Lake Naivasha Kenya

Search for flamingos at Lake Elmenteita

While Lake Bogoria is the more famous haunt for both Greater and Lesser Flamingos, Lake Elmenteita is also home to the vast flocks of brightly colored birds during the year.

Depending on conditions, Lake Elmenteita can be your best chance to spot the huge crowds of pink birds, but even when they’re absent.

Swim at Ol Karia Geothermal Spa

Located within Hell’s Gate National Park, Ol Karia (or Olkaria) is the largest geothermal spa of its kind in Africa.

Heated by the volcanic activity that gives Hell’s Gate its name, the man-made pools of Ol Karia are a great place to soak in the warm waters and wash away the dust of the road.

Discover the Karlandusi Cradle of Mankind

Much like Oldupai Gorge in Tanzania, Karlandusi claims to be the Cradle of Mankind.

Dating back more than 1 million years, this Stone Age site is rumored to have been a prehistoric ‘factory’ where stone tools were produced for use elsewhere.

Boat excursion

The most popular attraction at Lake Naivasha is undoubtedly the chance to take a guided boat safari out onto the water.

Dead trees reach up out of the cool blue water like grasping hands as a huge assortment of birdlife moves about. Everything from pelicans to cranes to smaller, more brightly colored birds are on display.

The waters themselves are home to wallowing hippopotamuses, and along the shores, you’ll spot Cape buffalo and other herbivores.

Experience Walking with the animals at Crescent Island

Easily combined with the boat safari, a visit to the Crescent Island Sanctuary offers a rare chance to literally walk with the animals.

The island sanctuary isn’t home to any predators, so you can safely trade the safari car for your own two feet as you wander alongside zebras, giraffes, and wildebeest!

Visit Hell’s Gate National Park

With its volcanic landscape, Hell’s Gate might put you in mind of paying a visit to another planet. Red earth, towering stone pillars and cliffs, and a sparse animal population make it something completely different from what you’ll find elsewhere.

Climb Mt. Longonot

For the more adventurous, the opportunity to hike a dormant volcano might be too hard to resist!

A relatively challenging 4-5 hour hike, the ascent to the crater of Mount Longonot takes you through land inhabited by buffalo, antelopes, and even leopards.

Where to stay in Lake Naivasha Kenya

Lake Naivasha sopa lodge

Set in one hundred and fifty acres of grassland studded with Acacia bushes and trees, the resort is not only home to our resident giraffe, waterbuck, and both Vervet and Colobus monkeys, but it is also a night stop for the hippos when they leave the lake every night to come and trim the grass on our expansive lawns.

Lake Naivasha resort

Lake Naivasha Resort (LNR) is a great escape located on Moi South Lake Road just steps off the beautiful Lake Naivasha, Kenya. It boasts lush gardens with a state-of-the-art conferencing facility, luxurious cottages, dining options, swimming, fitness, spa, boating, bird watching, and an unmatched concierge service.

This makes us a unique destination, no matter how you define your great escape.

Sewela lodge

The Sawela Lodges is one of the best top safari lodges and hotels in Naivasha Kenya, our hotel offers guests a variety of recreational activities to choose from.

Such as An organic Swimming pool for both adults, large lawns for football and other contact sports, Volleyball and Netball pitches, A kids play area, Bicycles, Boating, Lawn Racket Ball, a guided nature walk and lastly the SAWELA TRAIL, which gives you the opportunity to blow off steam during your stay.

Enashipai Resort and spa

Located within the splendor of the Rift Valley & by the shores of Lake Naivasha, Enashipai is close to some of Kenya’s key attractions. With lovely spacious rooms, a heated pool, a modern conference center, a modern spa & complimentary facilities, the resort offers mind & body rejuvenation. A perfect destination for business or pleasure!

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