Mount Elgon National Park Kenya

Mount Elgon National Park Kenya

“Untamed Wilderness, Secluded Splendour”  High in the mist-wreathed hills of western Kenya is a towering volcanic giant, crowned by a vast caldera etched by glacial tarns, honeycombed by labyrinthine caves, fissured by valleys and cascaded by streams. Visitors can explore the forest, see the elephant caves and also enjoy biking, hiking, and rock on the eighth highest mountain in Africa, Mount Elgon.

Mount Elgon national park is unique in a number of ways, from Elephant salt licks to been bisected by the international boundary between Kenya and UgandaMount Elgon offers untamed wilderness, in secluded splendour. The park is unique in that it is split by the Kenya Uganda boundary, and is managed by the parks departments of the individual countries. It has been declared a UNESCO site & Biosphere Reserve. Visitors can explore the forest and enjoy hiking, biking and climbing Mount Elgon.

Hiking and walking are one of the highlights of a visit to Mount Elgon, although the vehicle routes lead to animal viewing areas and to some of the caves. Along the routes, there are spectacular views of the escarpments, gorges and rivers.

How to Get to Mount Elgon National Park Kenya

By Road: One route leads from Kitale town, while there are two options leading from Eldoret. Both lead by Maram (dirt) road to Mt.Elgon Lodge and Chorlim gate. Chorlim gate is the main gate which also leads to the park headquarters

By Air: Visitors can fly to the Eldoret airport (70 KM away) or the airstrip within the park. Please contact the warden for airstrip details. Kitale airstrip, located 10km outside Kitale town on the main Kitale-Bungoma road, is 30 km from the Park.

Things to do in Mount Elgon national park Kenya


The park boasts over 240 bird species. Three of the eight Kenya Mountains Endemic Bird Area species, five of the thirteen species of the Sudan-Guinea biome species, 19 of the 43 Guinea-Congo Forests biome species, 47 of the 70 species of the Afrotropical biome, and a number of the Sudan-Guinea Savannah biome species that occur in Kenya have been recorded here. The park also favours one globally threatened species- Sharpe’s longclaw along with some regionally threatened and range-restricted species; Gypaetus barbatus, Stephanoaetus Coronatus, Francolinus Streptophorus, Sarothrura affinis, Bubo capensis, Glaucidium tephronotum, Indicator conirostris, Phyllastrephus baumanni, Kakamega poliothorax, Sheppardia polioptera, Campephaga quiscalina and Cisticola hunteri, Francolinus jacksoni respectively.

Wildlife viewing

Besides the Elephants and Buffalo found on the lower slopes the park is also home to a number of small antelope and monkeys including the Black-and-white Colobus and Blue Monkey.

Walking safaris

Self-guided walking trails are popular and the routes lead to the caves that can be explored including Kitum. Besides the cave exploration, other activities include birding and primate viewing.

Cave experience

The Mountain has a number of large caves that can be explored by visitors but one of the more fascinating aspects of the caves is the Elephant, and Buffalo, that walk to the caves at night to lick the salt from the walls. They do this as a nutritional supplement.

Kitum caves

One of the caves, Kitum, stretches almost 200 meters into Mount Elgon and it is believed that the salt-licking Elephants and other animals have contributed over time in the expansion of the caves. Rock paintings can be found in one of the caves.

When to visit Mount Elgon National Park Kenya

The best time to climb Mount Elgon is during the dry seasons between June-August and December-March. However, it should be noted that climbing Mt. Elgon can be done all year round.

Where to Stay in Mount Elgon National park Kenya

  • Woodland resort Kitale.
  • Crane Hotel.
  • At’ Ease Guesthouse.
  • Le voyage resort.


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