Bisanadi National Reserve Kenya

Bisanadi National Reserve Kenya

“Paradise unspoiled” In the vast arid wilderness north of Meru National Park lies the Bisanadi National Reserve. This hot and arid bushland is host to many species of mammals including lions, elephants, cheetahs, rhinos, buffalos, and over 400 species of birds. Visitors can go boating and fishing on the Tana and the Rojewero rivers and enjoy camping under the stars in this tough but beautiful place. Bisanadi National Reserve is located in Isiolo County belonging to the Eastern province. Designated in 1979 with an extension of 606 km², it serves as a wildlife dispersal area for the adjacent Meru national park, which lies to the west upstream Tana River. This land strip was set under protection with the double purpose of allowing better mobility for the Meru animals and keeping the park safe from human encroachment since Meru was for many years poachers’ realm. The border between Meru and Bisanadi follows the traditional frontier between the Meru and Boran tribes. Bisanadi is a stretch of a thorn bush and arid Savannah which gives way to swamps and palm tree forests at the banks of the river Tana and other minor streams.

Bisanadi is a dispersal area for Meru national park wildlife, hence the same animals can be found here such as mongoose. Elephants and buffalos are usual visitors, especially during the rainy seasons.

Size of Bisanadi national reserve

Bisanadi National Reserve was gazetted in 1979. The reserve covers 606 square kilometers and its location just north of Meru National Park (MNP), provides an important dispersal area for many wildlife species that concentrate around the permanent swamps in Meru national park.

Location of Bisanadi national reserve

Bisanadi National Reserve is a wildlife reserve in Isiolo County, Kenya. It is adjacent to Meru national park.

How to get to Bisanadi national Reserve

Bisanadi is devoid of roads and tracks, therefore traveling through the reserve is difficult. It is only accessible in a 4WD vehicle from the neighboring Meru national park’s Murera Gate or from the Tana River, at the reserve’s south border. In any case and mainly due to the safety problems in the area, the reserve is not developed for tourism, and access is restricted. If you want to arrange a visit, ask the rangers at Meru to be directed to the senior warden. Alternatively, you can try to arrange a visit through Kenya Wildlife Service’s Main Headquarters in Langata, at Nairobi national park in the main capital. Access by air is provided through an airstrip in Korbessa.

Things to do in Bisanadi national reserve

Travelers can explore the park in expeditions as they can enjoy activities like

  • Game viewing.
  • Fishing and boating on River Tana and Rojewero River.
  • Camping is available

When to visit Bisanadi national reserve

Bisanadi national can be visited all year round as tourists can go boating and fishing on the Tana and the Rojewero rivers and enjoy camping under the stars in this tough but beautiful place.

Where to stay in Bisanadi national reserve

There is no accommodation in the reserve, but travelers can stay at the nearby Meru national park that offers lodging facilities.


There are no designated campsites in Bisanadi. You may contact the reserve authorities or Great adventures for arrangements, since special camping permits may be issued in some cases.


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