Visit the Historical city of Aksum Ethiopia

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Visit the Historical city of Aksum Ethiopia

Spending time exploring Axum is highly recommended for anyone traveling to this archaeologically rich African nation.

It’s the perfect place to explore ancient castles, palaces, and churches echoing with centuries of history. The huge monoliths (stelae) are elaborate tombstones for glorious rulers in Ethiopia’s past. The largest (Remhai’s stele) is an incredible feat of ancient engineering, and would have stood 33m high, weighing 500 tons, when first erected!

For as long as 5000 years, monoliths have been used in northeast Africa as tombstones and monuments to local rulers. In Aksum, this tradition reached its apogee. Like Egypt’s pyramids, Aksum’s stelae were like great billboards announcing to the world the authority, power, and greatness of the ruling families. Aksum’s astonishing stelae are striking for their huge size, their incredible state of preservation, and their curiously modern look. Sculpted from single pieces of granite, the later ones come complete with little windows, doors, and even door handles and locks that make them look remarkably like tower blocks.

How to get to monoliths at Aksum Ethiopia

Aksum lies on the western side of the northern Ethiopian highlands, some 200 km inland from the strategic ancient port of Adulis on the Red Sea coast of modern Eritrea. There are daily flights from Addis Ababa to the small and rural, but well-functioning, Aksum airport. Some flights are direct; others make stops along the way. At the airport, there will be taxis eager to drive you into town. Many hotels also offer van service to and from the airport.

Where to stay while visiting monoliths at Aksum Ethiopia

The historic city of Aksum has a variety of lodges and some of those to look out for include Obelisk hotel Aksum, Atranos fantasy hotel and spa, and Consolar international hotel however you can contact Wilderness Explorers Africa for updated information before traveling as a lot of changes over time in Ethiopia.

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