Visit a jazz bar in Addis Ababa

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Visit a jazz bar in Addis Ababa

A very different but equally beguiling way to soak up the African music scene is to visit a jazz bar in the nation’s bustling and multifaceted capital.

There’s a superb choice of nightlife in Addis Ababa, but the unique blending of Ethiopian folk music, mysticism and jazz into ‘Ethio-Jazz’ is the highlight for many visitors. Enjoy the laid back atmosphere and delicious local cuisine, as well as traditional Ethiopian dancing, in the many thriving jazz bars in Addis.

Tips for exploring the nightlife in Ethiopia

Have local currency

It’s easy to pay for drinks and bites using the Ethiopian Birr and travellers should ensure they change money before visiting the Jazz bar in Addis Ababa.

Travel with local Guide or Driver

Those on our safari will have our guide accompany them to the jazz bar to ensure you have fun and stress-free visit.

Have a vehicle

Ensure you have a private means of transport as the Taxi at night is recommended more so first-time travellers if you’re travelling with Wilderness Explorers Africa we will have the safari vehicle at your disposal for the visit.

Take Toiletries in Your Bag

Ensure you have a hand sanitiser and toilet paper in your bag for an emergency just in case they do not have it in the washroom.

Expect wired reactions from locals and deal with at easy

Most locals might look like they show interest in females but its normal and you shouldn’t bother and just say you have a boyfriend but you will think about it.

Enjoy the local beer

In Ethiopia, there are about twelve breweries owned by six companies, which produce different beer products and residues and supplying into the market through different approaches and strategies as part of the fun ask the barmen and women for the best beer.

Best places to stay in Addis Ababa

Where to stay while visiting Addis Ababa is not an issue and some of the top places to stay include Luxury Sheraton hotel Addis Ababa, Radisson Blu Hotel, Golden Tulip Addis Ababa, Best western hotel Addis Ababa and Capital hotel and spa.

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