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See Harar’s Hyena Man Ethiopia

This is a far more contemporary offering. Who is the Harar Hyena Man? He’s a local character in the Eastern city of Harar, who calls nightly to attract these wild creatures. He then feeds the hyenas, to the joy of fascinated onlookers.

Harar is a fabulous place to visit, famed for its iconic walls and gates, the maze of alleys, and traditional African homes including colorful hanging baskets.

One of Harar’s most enduringly popular attractions is its two ‘hyena men’, who make their living by feeding wild hyenas after dusk on the outskirts of Harar Jugol, thereby providing proof that Ethiopians are capable of perversity far beyond the call of duty. A highlight of any visit to Harar, even to those who have seen wild hyenas in less contrived proximity, this atmospheric spectacle usually starts at around 18.30, when the hyena man starts calling his familiars by name. After 10 minutes or so, the animals appear from the shadows, timidly at first, but they soon become bolder and start taking bones passed to them by human hand or mouth. Visitors are invited to feed the hyenas directly, too, before eventually, the stock of bones runs out, and these spectral creatures slink back to whence they came.

Is visiting the Harar Hyena man safe

According to the experts’ advice, it’s extremely safe to visit the Harar hyena man as it is a traditional system that was started way back in the days and it’s a great experience if you have time.

How to get to Harar

Harar is served by Dire Dawa International Airport. From the airport and a transfer of 45-1 hour can be arranged to the main city center of Harar

Where to stay in Harar

There are a couple of options in town and some of the places to stay include Sumeya Hotel and Winta hotel.

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