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Hike the Erta Ale Volcano Ethiopia

Ethiopia has much to offer to international tourists: from the Blue Nile Falls to world-class archaeological sites and friendly and welcoming people, Ethiopia is a country many fall in love with.

The African nation is also home to one of the planet’s most famous destinations for adrenaline-seekers: Erta Ale volcano.

A continuously active volcano in the middle of a scorching desert, this is one of the most inhospitable areas on the continent. However, it is so unique and fascinating that many decide to make the trip here every year regardless of the harsh conditions.

It is crucial that visitors arrive prepared. Although seeing Erta Ale is possible and will make memories for a lifetime, there are risks associated with the local environment one should be aware of, such as dehydration.

Of course, Mother Nature has provided her own breath-taking things to do in Ethiopia, including backdrops for the best hiking and climbing holidays on the African continent.

A trek to the Erta Ale volcano is moderately challenging, though keep in mind the need for local guides (this is an active volcano) and make proper preparation to face those year-round high temperatures and summer heat peaks in this part of Ethiopia.

Erta Ale is a large basaltic shield volcano. It was first discovered in the 1960s and since then, its popularity has grown mostly due to the on-going activity and numerous eruptions.

Its persistent lava lake has been active throughout most of the past decades, a feature that is shared with just a few other volcanoes in the world.

How to Get to Erta Ale Volcano?

Erta Ale sits in the Danakil depression, about 100 km (about 62 miles) from the city of Mekele. It is not recommended to travel to the Erta Ale volcano independently.

International tourists are advised to hire an experienced tour operator.

When to Visit Erta Ale in Ethiopia?

Although it is possible to go to Erta Ale all year round, visitors should keep temperatures in mind. This is one of the hottest regions in the world and, therefore, it is best to visit during the winter, when temperatures are relatively milder.

Is it safe to Hike the Erta Ale Volcano?

Besides the extreme weather conditions outlined above, the Danakil region has experienced political unrest in recent years, which at times has affected the safety of tourists.

Visitors should check the latest developments prior to departure and throughout their time in Danakil. It is also strongly recommended to hire a reliable and experienced tour operator that knows how to safely navigate the area.

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