Boat Excursions on Lake Tana

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Boat Excursions on Lake Tana

Lake Tana is more than just a beautiful place to discover rare wildlife and visit the rich cultural heritage on the islands. It is also the lifeblood of Ethiopia, supplying 50% of the country’s freshwater. Lake Tana is one of the world’s longest river-ways and the source of the Blue Nile River, which, after flowing over 1,500 kilometres and joining with the White Nile River in Khartoum, flows through Sudan and Egypt before emerging into the Mediterranean Sea. It also feeds the local population and is an essential reserve for important plants.

Lake Tana and its wetlands provide an invaluable habitat for the truly spectacular and unique birdlife that flourishes around the lake. Located in the Horn of Africa, it is a key location for birds migrating between Europe, Asia and Africa. More than 300 bird species have been recorded around Lake Tana, many of which are a must-see for an intrepid bird enthusiast.

If your bucket list involves meditating in ancient monasteries, this is a must-do.

Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia and leads on to the Blue Nile, a vastly important water source for the entire country. A boat trip on the lake could take you to 20 monastic churches, many dating back to the 14th century.

One of the most popular is the Ura Kidane Mihret Monastery. It can be found on the lush Zege Peninsula, and the building’s glorious decorations are memorising and unforgettable.

Bahir Dar is the jumping-off point for visits to the spectacularly scenic and historic attractions of Lake Tana and which the biggest lake in Ethiopia- Ethiopia’s giant inland sea. It’s registered in UNESCO’s biosphere reserved areas list in May 2015. In their funerary texts, the Pharaohs referred to it as “Lake Karou of the Country of the Happy.” In the middle Ages, churches sought refuge on the islands of Lake Tana and due in part to the difficult access are to this day rich in Ethiopian illuminated manuscripts, religious paintings and other treasures. Lake Tana is the source and from where the famed Blue Nile starts its long journey to Khartoum and then feeds into the Mediterranean Sea.

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