Lake Kivu DR Congo

Lake Kivu DR Congo

Trek or take a boat ride to see the volcanic scenery around Lake Kivu, a body of water between DR Congo and Rwanda. Enjoy views of the picturesque peninsula and take a safari tour to see lowland gorillas. The lake abounds with fish, so rent (or bring) some gear to catch your own, or simply enjoy a meal of freshwater fish in a local restaurant. You can also kayak along streams leading into the lake, surrounded by lush vegetation.

Things to do Lake Kivu DR Congo

Boat cruise

Regular boat cruises can be arranged from your hotel to see local fishermen enjoy the beautiful scenery, and spot water birds, and these cruises can be one or two hours.

Bird watching

With binoculars along with the lake shores birds like kingfishers, cormorants, herons, and many other species can be seen at a close distance, and also photographing the birds can be excellent in the evenings as big flocks head to the island.

Sunset cruise

The perfect way to end the day in Goma town is to take the boat with some drinks and wait for the sun to go down offering fantastic opportunities for pictures.

Sunbathing on the sandy beach

You hit the sandy beaches on a hot day and lay on the sand and enjoy sunbathing on the beach or at the lodge near the shores of the lake.

Leisure fishing

Travelers with their fishing equipment can go fishing on the lake in search of the Nile perch and other species trolling will be the best way here.

Island visits

Tours to visit several islands on Lake Kivu can be arranged while in Goma city and it’s really worth a trip and you can go as far as TChegera island for day trips to have meals and relax.

Where to stay in Lake Kivu DR Congo

Lake Kivu Goma Serena hotel is a new luxury build under the umbrella of Serena hotels and it’s one of the best places to stay while exploring Goma town and Lake Kivu.

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