Kisantu Town DRC

Kisantu Town DRC

Kisantu, also known as Inkisi, is a town in the western Democratic Republic of Congo, lying southwest of Kinshasa, on the Inkisi River. It is known for its large cathedral and for its botanical gardens, which include an arboretum of indigenous trees. It has a population of about 78,000 people. Transport Kisantu is served by a station on the national railway system. It also has an airport.

Things to do in Kisantu town DRC

The Botanical Garden of Kisantu is the most beautiful botanical garden in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was founded over a century ago by a missionary. The entrance fee is about $5 per person. Inside, you will find thousands of trees, thousands of plants, a school, and the best restaurant in Kisantu. I advise you to head first to the restaurant, to order whatever is fresh (chicken, captain fish, eggplants, etc.), tell them when you come back (for example two hours later), and then go for a visit at your own pace. Don’t miss the crocodile and the two monkeys!

The cathedral of Kisantu

This is one of the historical catholic churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo and you can visit this cathedral while touring the beautiful city of Kisantu.

How to get to Kisantu town from Kinshasa

Kisantu town is located 110 km from the capital Kinshasa and a road trip is the easiest way to get there and it’s a perfect weekend gateway for people staying in Kinshasa.

Where to stay in Kisantu Town DRC

Mbuela lodge

Mbuela lodge offers a lot of Congo compared to many different facilities, a nice pool, peacocks, and great lawns. Staying in a hut which is perfectly acceptable but small services are friendly.

Based on Congolese standards you may need to be patient sometimes and if you want to play tennis you may need to inform the lodge in advance as they close at 5 pm.

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