Kinshasa City Tours DRC

Kinshasa City Tours DRC

In a city bubbling with life, a Kinshasa vacation offers a non-stop immersion into African culture and history. Be sure to explore the arts district, the national museums, lively markets, and the rural regions surrounding the capital, retiring to a local bar when you need a rest from all the action. A favorite on many Kinshasa itineraries, day trips to areas inhabited by bonobos (pygmy chimps) allow visitors to appreciate the area’s rich animal life–and provide a chance to get out of the urban chaos for a while.

Travel in many sections of Kinshasa, Kisangani, Lubumbashi, and most other major cities is generally safe during daylight hours.

Things to do during Kinshasa City tour

  • Avenue du Tourisme, the best drive on the River, like the Pacific Coast Highway of the jungle, beautiful and taking in the views of the twin river capitals.
  • Kabila’s Mausoleum (just like that for Mao and Stalin,)
  • Place of Independence, the Botanical Garden.
  • The Main Stadium.
  • The National Parliament.
  • The National Institute and Museum, site of Mobutu’s former palace and the best view of the river and of Brazzaville.
  • The Great Arts market (one of the greatest in Africa, and the Musical Center.
  • End it off with a splendid stop at the cafe overlooking cataracts, the vicious rapids on the river where the mighty Congo became unnavigable, and where Diego Cao crashed and wrecked his boat upon the first European discovery of the Congo River.
  • Lola ya Bonobo can be added to this tour at an additional.

How to get around Kinshasa

The best way to explore the Kinshasa city tour is by hiring a private car with a guide to avoid hustle while enjoying the city.

Where to stay in Kinshasa

Some of the accommodation facilities to stay in include Kin plaza Arjaan by Rotana, Fleuve Congo Hotel and Pullman Kinshasa grand hotel.

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