Goma Town DRC Tours

Goma Town DRC Tours

Nestled between two opposites–a lake and a volcano–Goma represents an adventurous vacation spot. The emerging culture supports bars and clubs, while adventurous visitors may choose to hike up the active volcano or go gorilla tracking on their Goma holiday. Always active and ever-changing, this city keeps hustle and bustle alive.

Welcome to Goma, a unique and cosmopolitan border town on Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, One of the wealthiest countries in Africa due to its mineral-rich landscape and thriving mining industry, DR Congo comprises a stunningly beautiful and diverse landscape that is home to an array of activities for urban nomads and outdoor adventurers alike.

In Goma, Lake Kivu – Africa’s 8th largest freshwater lake – and some of the world’s most active volcanoes provide amazing experiences that no other part of the world can offer.

Things to do around Goma town DR Congo

Visitors can set off in search of the endangered mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park, take in the beauty of the African Great Lake on a chartered boat cruise, or view indigenous wildlife like bonobos, African forest elephants, mountain gorillas, and okapi in any of five national parks, all of which are World Heritage Sites. The active lava lake atop Mt. Nyiragongo is one of the world’s largest and most volatile lava lakes, offering stunning testimony to nature’s power and beauty.

The region’s different customs and strong colonial heritage have greatly influenced the Congolese culture. One of its most colorful attributes is the music, a blend of Cuban rumba and merengue that gave birth to Soukous. Additionally, Congolese artists are some of the most popular in Africa, having drawn their inspiration from the famed Lingala musical style.

Hiking and trekking

Whether you would like to scale Mount Nyiragongo and take incredible pictures of the beautiful caldera lake, go in search of the greatest ape on earth -Grauer’s gorillas in the south of Kivu at Kahuzi –Biega National Park, revel in the Congolese musical culture, or enjoy water sports on the Great Lake Kivu, once-in-a-lifetime experiences await.

Where to stay in Goma Town

Set in the heart of North Kivu’s capital, Goma Serena Hotel, the only 5-star hotel in Goma, offers an authentic gateway to Goma’s attractions, culture, and recreational excursions.

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