Congo River DR Congo

Congo River DR Congo

The Congo River, bordered by both the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo, is the second-largest river in the world. Here are a few things you need to know when exploring this natural wonder.

Meandering through a number of countries, the Congo River plays a significant role in the economic development of Central Africa. One of the world’s deepest and longest rivers, this body of water is flanked by thick jungle, sheltering a rich variety of plants and animals seen in few other places in the world.

Things to do on Congo River

Goliath Tiger fishing

With its abundance and variety of fish species, the Congo River is a popular fishing spot, and tourists traveling across will definitely spot a few fishermen. If heading north, a leisurely boat ride will go up until a little-known island called Ile Saiglont, or Sailor’s Island. This island is filled with shacks submerged in water. The shacks were built by fishermen as a resting spot out of the sun during their working hours. Alternatively, tourists can also head south to see the amazing rapids that feed into Inga Falls, the world’s largest waterfall. A view of the neighboring country across the river is a real spectacle, whether the boat is heading north or south.

Sunset cruises

Local motorized boats can be taken in the river with drinks as you wait for the sun to set over the beautiful River.

Visit Inga Falls

Inga Falls is a rapid 40 km from Matadi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where the Congo River drops 96 m over the course of 15 km. The Inga Falls is part of a larger group of rapids in the lower Congo River. Livingstone Falls are located upstream closer to the Pool Malebo.

Extended water expeditions

Several people use the Congo River as the main means of transport to other destinations and when traveling to see the Bonobos travelers sometimes travel by boat to access the easiest hiking area in the faunal reserve.

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