The Gulf of Tadjoura

The Gulf of Tadjoura

Wonderfully surrounded by the lush Goda Mountains which reach heights of up to 1300 metres, the Gulf of Tadjoura is considered by those that have been there to be the perfect spot for diving and snorkelling with whale sharks.  The two towns that tend to, rightfully, attract the most tourist attention are Obock and Tadjoura.  In the latter, you’ll find beautiful sea vistas and seven nationally important mosques.

The Gulf of Tadjoura is a 347 square kilometers inlet just south of the entrance to the Red Sea. Below the surface is a rich and diverse marine life full of colorful corals and fish species, making the Gulf of Tadjoura a prime spot for scuba diving, snorkeling with whale sharks, and underwater photography.

Snorkeling amongst the giant, yet gentle, whale sharks is an experience of a lifetime. The largest fish in the sea come to the tropical waters of “Plage d’Arta” every year to feed on crab, mate, and give birth. During the peak season between November and January visitors are almost always guaranteed a sighting of these stunning aquatic species.

The hotspots for diving in Djibouti are off the islands of Maskali and Moucha, situated in the center of the Gulf of Tadjoura.

Here divers of all levels of experience can explore the beautiful coral reefs and the diverse marine life that exists there, from clownfish and dolphins to barracudas, eels, and sharks.

Those who venture further into the blue depths will come across well-preserved shipwrecks, like the 120-meter-long cargo ship that lies ensconced in its final resting place on the sandy seafloor.

White Sands (Plage des Sables Blanc) is a beautiful white sandy beach located near Tadjoura. Here you can take a swim or admire the stunning sunset over the Red Sea. The mesmerizing underwater life around the coral reef close to shore also makes White Sands an unforgettable experience for snorkeling and scuba diving. The area has magnificent corals and diverse species of colorful (and inquisitive) fish. White Sands also offers great opportunities for fishing enthusiasts.

How to get to the Gulf of Tadjoura

The Gulf of Tadjoura is a gulf or basin of the Indian Ocean in the Horn of Africa. It lies south of the straits of Bab-el-Mandeb, or the entrance to the Red Sea about 180 km from the main capital Djibouti and this accessible by road

Where to stay at the Gulf of Tadjoura

Recommended place of stay are in the main capital and those include the hotel Ménélik and the Djibouti palace Kempinski

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