Place Menelik Djibouti

Place Menelik Djibouti

This is the shady center of town, home to the tourist office and some other buildings and this is one of the tourist hubs where taxi drivers and day tour operators will gather and try to sell safari package to tourists and it’s also famous for souvenir shopping in Djibouti however it’s a perfect place to experience the nightlife of Djibouti city.

With old colonial buildings in the city, this place is worth discovering when you have time to discover the city of Djibouti

Things to consider while in Place Menelik Djibouti

The perfect place though considered active, not peaceful travelers can organize nightlife or diving activities while in Ménélik

M/y Lucy luxury dive safari boat

Lucy is a 37 meters mono hull luxury dive safari boat (live-aboard) designed for the maximum level of comfort for the seasoned scuba diver who appreciates diving within a high standard and secure environment.

Come explore the unspoiled beauty of the Indian Ocean in Djibouti with dive cruises offered by the luxurious MY Lucy. Launched in Djibouti in 2015, this superb 37 m yacht offers divers and snorkeler’s 5-night stays to the Seven Brothers, the Gulf of Tadjourah, and Goubet Al Kharab. Far from the hordes of tourists, Djibouti can offer an underwater world extraordinarily diversified and always remarkably preserved.

Nightlife in Djibouti

The night starts at 7 pm to 2 am (Saturday – Wednesday) 7 pm to 3 pm (Thursday-Friday) Dance the night away as the hottest resident Dj wows the A-list crowd with sensational music, One of the hottest places in the city for the hip, beautiful, and famous to meet over drinks. Serving premium drinks and shisha

Where to stay in place Ménélik Djibouti

Ménélik hotel

Ménélik Hotel has been in the family for generations and offers a unique story, unparalleled hospitality, and a sense of history and continuity. The Hotel is located in the heart of the historic city center providing convince and security to all travels visiting Djibouti.

Enjoy the personal charm of our, family-run hotel with up to 24 rooms. Here you’ll find the perfect hotel for your holiday or business travel in Djibouti – Managing Directors.

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