Goba ad Plain Djibouti

Goba ad Plain Djibouti

This area, located between Lake Abbe and the Hanle Plain is a great place for bird watchers. Goba ’ad is the only place in Djibouti with an active breeding ostrich population. This lowland area is covered with shallow wadis, large sand flats, and acacia scrub.

The site is comprised of huge alluvial misery with a blend of broad low acacia clean, numerous shallow aqueducts, and extensive sand flats and scattered by levels. By its land area between two other huge IBAs Lake Abbe and Hanle plain and nearer to the fringe with Ethiopia, its avifauna demonstrates components mirroring a blend of winged creature species gave the area Ethiopia. Gobaad with two different destinations in Djibouti is the main site that has ostrich with rearing populace probability. Furthermore, run of the mill semi-leave species nearness incorporate Black – crown sparrow warbler, spotted thick-knee, Arabian bustard, Lichtenstein, chestnut-bellied and spotted sand grouses, while aqueducts which are more vegetated hold yellow-necked spurfowl, yellow-breasted barbet, blue-snoozed moosebird, grey-headed batis, crombec, rufous shrub robin and African swallow-followed kite.

Why you must visit Goba ad Plain

Incredibly one of the best places to see the ostrich and also a spectacular spot for birders who looking to discover the endemics of Djibouti however the views in this area are extraordinary and you must not miss visiting during your safari in Djibouti.

How to Get to Goba ad plain Djibouti

Travelers can access Goba ad plains using a 4×4 safari vehicle from the main capital Djibouti the 112-kilo meter road can take about 2-3 hours.

Best time to travel to Goba ad Plain Djibouti

Goba ad Plain can be visited all year round as the desert country does not receive a lot of rain however it can be very hot all year round so travelers should take note and also ensure they travel with a lot of drinking water during the safari to discover the wonders of Goba ad plains.

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