Day Forest National Park Djibouti

Day Forest National Park Djibouti

Day Forest National Park is located along the Al Sabieh road to Djibouti city in the northern part of the country. It is one of the lush regions of a largely dry country covering an estimated 3.5sq km on a high altitude zone with scenic rocks like Mt Goda (1783m).

Some of the attractions in this park include several species of exotic plants like Euphorbia, ficus trees, and Ziziphus. They are the relics of an ancient era when the Sahara was covered in flowers and Gramineae. The Bankoualé waterfall, halfway between Randa and the Day Forest, is home to a beautiful palm tree forest. Some of the endemic birds in Day Forest National Park include the Djibouti francolin while mammals include baboons, hunter’s antelope, gazelle, and many others.

Size of Day Forest National Park

The forest national park covers an area of 15 square kilometers and it’s one of the few areas protecting Djibouti endemics

Location of Day Forest National Park

Day Forest National Park, also known as Forêt du Day National Park, is a national park is located north of the main capital Djibouti in the Goda Mountains and Tadjourah Region of Djibouti.

How to get to Day Forest National Park

Getting to Day forest national park is easy by road, using a 4×4 safari vehicle travelers can drive the 60 kilometers road which may take 2 hours based on the traffic control north of the capital Djibouti.

Things to do in Day Forest National Park

The small but unique forest is one of the best places for birding in Djibouti as you may have chances of seeing the Hump rich’s hornbill.

Nature walks

With the stunning landscape, views walk-in day forests are extremely rewarding and travelers will enjoy it very much.

Birding safaris

Birding safaris can be arranged in day forest national park but specialized bird guides may be very scarce so traveling must travel with cameras to take pictures and do research on which bird species is afterwords.

Wildlife tour

Monkeys and antelopes can be seen on the walk like baboons so travels can always look out for those and the endemic tree species of Day national park.

When to visit Day Forest National Park

Djibouti is generally experiencing a torrid climate with two distinct seasons: a cooler season from October to April with east winds bringing a little humidity, and from June to August a warm season with temperatures Reach 45 ° C. September and May are intermediate months.

The cool season is more pleasant, there may even be some precipitation, and temperatures that revolve around 25 ° C. It is therefore advisable to visit Djibouti between November and the beginning of April to avoid the hot heat, choosing preferably December and January which are the coolest months.

Where to stay in Day Forest National Park

Travelers planning a safari today forest national park can stay at the main capital Djibouti or in Tadjourah and the recommended hotel is hotel Banadir and the Djibouti Palace Kempinski.

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