Djibouti City Tours

Djibouti City Tours

Djibouti was founded by Mr. Leonce Lagarde, the former Governor and founder of the Republic of Djibouti! The town of Djibouti was founded around the 1890s because it was the perfect spot to build the harbour and the railway to connect Ethiopia to Djibouti Sea. The town is divided into 2 areas: the European quarter, and the African quarter where the former African market (marché central) was located. During the city tour, our tour guide would explain to you more about the culture and history of Djibouti.
Half-day is enough to visit Djibouti town and the tour starts at 8 am in the morning and finishes at noon by lunch time and it is also possible from 3 pm to 7 pm until dinner time.

Djibouti City serves a number of purposes.  First, it’s a great staging area for excursions into the hinterland or out on the sea.  Second, it serves as a small dose of comfort when you’re coming back from those excursions.  There are good restaurants, bars, and hotels here, so there are creature comforts that you can look forward to. Third, it’s really charming and easy to love.  You’ll notice a definite sense of change about town as the people work to transform their city from the rundown outpost it once was in the ’80s and ’90s. It’s a bit of a melting pot here with lots of cultural contradictions that fun to observe.

  • The word Djibouti was derived from the word YABOUTI, which means COOKWARE in Afar!
  • Djibouti derived from the word BOUTI, which means MONSTER in Issa /Somali!
  • Djibouti derived from the word GABOUTI, which means HILL in Arabic!

Places to Visit During Djibouti city tour

City tours around the capital of Djibouti are one way of discovering the history of Djibouti

Djibouti downtown European quarter

The focal point of the European Quarter is Place du 27 Juin 1977 (Place Ménélik). With its whitewashed houses and Moorish arcades, this vast square is a strange mix of the Arab and the European

The Market in the African quarter

You can visit the market and how Djibouti people live their livelihood with subsistence farming in the desert country located in the horn of Africa.

The train station in Djibouti

It connects the border with Ethiopia at Guelile with the Port of Doraleh in the capital Djibouti City. Very interesting to visit

Visit the harbors

The 5 harbours area of Djibouti, Balbala, PK 12, Doraleh, Ambouli, Airport road, Haramous

Souvenirs shopping area

At the end of the tour, you can go shopping in the craft market for souvenirs to take home

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