Ali Sabieh Djibouti

Ali Sabieh Djibouti

Near the border of Somalia and Ethiopia, Ali Sabieh is surrounded by awe-inspiring desert on all sides.  Inside the city, you’ll find plenty of great markets, food stalls, and narrow alleys. This is rustic and rugged Africa at its best.  Surprisingly, there are spots of natural beauty nearby and very little tourist development to take away from it. To see the desert at its best, check out Grand Bara and Petit Bara. It’s also worth trying some windsurfing while there, or any of the many sport adventure activities.  The entire area is famous for its challenging walking trails.


Ali-Sabieh is on the road between Lake Abbe and Djibouti near the border with Somalia and Eritrea, Surrounding the town are shining hills a few hundred meters high. You must see the extraordinary Grand Bara plain, desolate land of compact sand and cracked clay.

How to get to Ali Sabieh Djibouti

Ali Sabieh can be accessed by private car, train, or buses, its located 100 kilometers from the main capital of Djibouti, and the area is located on the road between Lake Assal and Djibouti

When to Visit Ali Sabieh Djibouti

The best time of year to visit ‘Ali Sabieh for general outdoor tourist activities is from late October to late February, with a peak score in the last week of November and those keen on hiking adventures can really explore the hilly slopes of the Ali Sabieh tourism zone

Best time to visit Djibouti

The best time to visit Djibouti is between November to January when the weather is comparatively cooler and perfect for outdoor activities. This is also the best time of year if you wish to swim with the whale sharks as part of your Djibouti trip. May to September is pretty hot so best to avoid this low season.

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