Wildlife viewing in Republic of Congo

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Wildlife viewing in Republic of Congo

Wildlife viewing in Republic of Congo

The Republic of the Congo’s protected areas such as national parks and wildlife reserves comprise 40% of the country’s land area, with less tourism in the area the country is still off the beaten track for its spectacular and rear wildlife which include Okapi, Bonobo, Giant African Water Shrew, and Pohle’s fruit bat are three examples of endangered animals in the Republic of the Congo. Endangered primates include the western lowland gorillas, Red Colobus, and Pennant’s Red Colobus as well as the Chimpanzee, which lives in the central African forests and especially in the Congo Basin.

Odzala kokoua national park unlike other less-visited areas like Conkouati-Douli national park, Ntokoua-Pikounda national park, Ougoue lekiti national park, and Nouabale-Ndoki national park this makes the Republic of Congo one of the richest forest blocks in west-central Africa for birds. The diverse array of pristine habitats is the reason for such high numbers of species, especially the forest areas which host some 250 resident species.

Why go

Odzala National Park hosts approximately 4,500 plant and tree species. The vast majority of the park’s forest is open-canopy Marantaceae and these are the dependent facts for the list of things to be done in Odzala National Park Congo. These include Gorilla trekking which is the Western lowland gorillas, Canoeing, and Wildlife viewing.

The most famous bai is Mbeli Bai, in Nouabale-Ndoki National Park, where about 100 gorillas have been monitored by the Wildlife Conservation Society for a decade; gorilla groups can be seen wading into the marsh to forage for water plants alongside forest elephants, buffalo, and antelope such as sitatunga.

Rescued western lowland gorilla orphans are being rehabilitated back into the forest in the Léfini Reserve (two hours’ drive north of Brazzaville), where visitors can view silverbacks on a forested island from a boat.

When to go

The best time to visit the Congo is from June to August. It’s during this period that the weather is dry and cool. Nights tend to be on the cooler side, especially around the coast. Visitors in August will be more likely to spot wildlife as many animals visit the watering holes along the rivers.


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