Why are holidays to Republic of Congo Expensive?

Why are holidays to Republic of Congo Expensive?

Why are holidays to Republic of Congo Expensive?

Exploring untamed Congo is an authentic wilderness experience. The Republic of Congo is one of the last three remaining countries in central Africa where you can trek the western lowland gorillas in the wild. It’s a truly untouched frontier and of the best eco-tourism destinations in Africa. Congo’s rainforest is the largest in Africa, boasting chimpanzees, lowland gorillas and forest elephants. The local, friendly people love welcoming foreign visitors to their country. But its main attraction is its wilderness with some of the world’s largest forest covers extremely undiscovered – beckoning visitors to experience Africa in all its raw, natural beauty. Come explore the Congo!

Due to the country’s location, there are extremely few visitors travelling to the Republic of Congo making it slightly pricy for those looking to venture into this exceptional ecosystem

Budget safaris are still very difficult to operate in this region due to the inaccessibility of the roads making it only possible by charter flights from the main capital Brazzaville to Odzala Kokoua national park which is the country’s most prominent tourist destination famous for gorilla trekking in Africa.

What to Consider while planning a safari to Republic of Congo?

  • Flights

There are direct flights to the Republic of Congo and travellers will have to consider connecting flights via East Africa, we recommend Rwanda Air as an option from Kigali.

  • Extra time

Clients must consider booking pre safari arrival day in Brazzaville before the trip starts and post-safari accommodation at the end of the safari to ensure there is no panic on their travel

  • Time of the year

While planning a safari to Brazzaville you’re advised to travel during the rainy season from May to September when there is less rainfall in the country.

  • Planning ahead

Due to limited facilities in Odzala kokoua you are advised to book your trip way in advance to avoid missing out on services as the lodges in this area have a very small capacity.

  • Packing proper gear

Clients must also consider packing all the necessary equipment and clothings for their expedition as there may be limited facilities to shop for in Brazzaville, upon booking a safari with us our Africa travel experts will provide you with a pack list depending on your safari.

  • Travel insurance

The Republic of Congo is a developing country we highly recommend purchasing travel insurance from your country before travelling to the Republic of Congo for your holiday.

Hire services of an Expert Guide

Travelling with an expert can make a big difference to your expeditions, this will be in form of a private guide who will accompany you throughout your expedition without you worrying about anything.


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