How to Plan a safari to Republic of Congo or Brazzaville

How to Plan a safari to Republic of Congo or Brazzaville

How to Plan a safari to Republic of Congo or Brazzaville

Unlike other destinations like South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania where there are hundreds of online safari operators ready to provide travel advice, the republic of Congo is a remote national perched just above its neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa.

With 80% of its land surface occupied by rain forest there is extremely limited updated online travel information and planning a holiday in Congo Brazzaville without an expert can be close to impossible.

All you need to know before travelling to the Republic of Congo

  1. Travellers planning a trip to the Republic of Congo must posse a valid passport of at least 6 months with 2 blank pages and Visas must be acquired in advance
  2. Direct money transfers from Outside Africa can take between 30 days to 6 months depending on the origin of the funds that why at Wilderness Explorers Africa funds are transferred to Uganda head office and later be transferred locally to the Republic of Congo
  3. Credit cards may not work outside Brazzaville so before travelling to Congo Brazzaville ensure that you have enough cash in form of Euros and US dollars with the latest bills without any ink or writing
  4. There may be no direct flights from Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America and other regions outside Africa to the Republic of Congo, most flights may connect via East or southern Africa while planning a safari to Congo Brazzaville abstain from tight connecting flights we ensure pre and post safari accommodations in Brazzaville
  5. With one of the poorest health services in Africa, travellers planning a safari to the republic of Congo must consult their doctors for a basic first aid kit and purchase medical insurance before travelling for more information contact Wilderness Explorers Africa safari Experts
  6. the proper length to book your gorilla trekking safari to Congo Brazzaville is 1 year in advance as most of the camps only have 6 rooms and this can fill up quite quickly.

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We recommend booking an escorted expedition to the Republic of Congo for better results


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