Can I use credit cards in Republic of Congo?

Can I use credit cards in Republic of Congo?

Can I use credit cards in Republic of Congo?

The Republic of Congo’s largest trade and commercial payments are done by cash transactions however bigger hotel brands in Brazzaville will accept credit cards but when you hit outside the main capital then it starts getting very unlikely that credit cards will be accepted.

We still recommend travelers planning to travel to the Republic of Congo to ask their travel agent about the possible expenses during the expedition and carry cash in form of Euros and American dollars.

  • The banking system in Republic of Congo

The Republic of Congo’s banking system includes eleven commercial banks.  Commercial banks offer most corporate banking services or can procure them from overseas.  Local credit to the private sector is limited and expensive but available to both foreign and local investors on equal terms.  The country’s main economic actors, the oil companies, finance themselves outside of the Republic of Congo.  Commercial banks have transferred excess liquidity to correspondent banks outside the region.

  • ATM Machines

Since all expeditions starts in Brazzaville there are several ATM card machines in the city center, the most recognized of the Banks is the Eco bank; the ATM Machines will give out local currency.

  • Forex Bureau

There are several local forex Bureaus in the main capital Brazzaville and clients are advised to exchange local currency in the city before departing for their safari since our safaris are escorted our travel consultants will provide all the necessary requirements for your safari to the Republic of Congo

  • Permission from your from Bank

Please ensure that you inform your bank to grant you permission to access funds while in the Republic of Congo, this will enable you to use your ATM Card while on safari in Africa failure to do so may result in your ATM being rejected in the Machines.


We recommend traveling with enough cash to cater for the number of days you intend to spend in Congo Brazzaville to reduce the inconveniences.


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