Lake Tele and Bela Falls Republic of Congo

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Lake Tele and Bela Falls Republic of Congo

Lake Tele and Bela Falls Republic of Congo

Lake Tele

Lake Tele is a ring lake located in the middle of Lake Tele reserve, this reserve was open in 2017, and due to its close to impossible access the area has remained one of the most difficult areas to access in Africa, according to the local sources this area is rumored to home to hundreds of thousands of undocumented gorillas and other large primates, dozens of tribes of pygmies, the largest snake ever recorded in history and also the locals believe there is also a wired looking animal in form of dinosaur believed to be occupying this area.

Know before you travel

  • Tours to this destination are very expensive and they have to be accompanied by an expedition leader from Wilderness Explorers Africa
  • The activity level is hard so travelers must be physically fit as trekking to the lake can be extremely intense
  • we do provide a complete packing list for the travelers undertaking this expedition
  • we recommend this tour to researchers, film crew, and journalist
  • Travelers undertaking this expedition have to pose travel and medical insurance and our experts will provide details of safety upon making an Enquiry

Bela falls

Bela falls is an extraordinary natural gift in the Republic of Congo, the falls are just over 150m in height and the falls offer a beautiful view of the Congo River and are a fine example of nature at its best. Bella Falls are situated amongst a small piece of the Congo’s pristine rainforest and although the noise from the crashing water can be heard from afar, the atmosphere is very peaceful and calming.

The falls are located just southwest of the ROC’s largest and most populated city, Brazzaville, and make for a really great day trip.

Know before

  • Day trips from Brazzaville are popular
  • Tours to the falls are guided
  • A full day excursion is highly recommended
  • wilderness explorers Africa only offers full package expeditions to this destination



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