Ntokoua-Pikounda National Park

Ntokoua-Pikounda National Park

Ntokoua-Pikounda National Park

Ntokou pikounda national park was mainly established to protect the western low land gorillas, the park covers an area of 4,572 kilometers squared endowed with over 950 chimpanzees, and 850 elephants, and 15,000 gorillas. Nkotou pikounda national park, park was created on the 28th of December 2012.

Ntokou pikounda national park has also been known as “Green abyss” from J MichaelFay’s Mega Transect, the forest is mainly dominated by Marantaceae a fan of herbaceous tropical plants which j is a stronghold for larger mammals, the park was named after two villages in its border.

Nkotou pikounda national park joins other protected areas in the region including Odzala national park and Nouabale Ndoki national park.

Ntokou-Pikounda – lies southeast of Odzala Kokoua National Park, which is well-known for one of the highest gorilla populations in the world.

Preliminary surveys of Ntokou-Pikounda by WCS and the Government of Congo indicate that this region still contains healthy gorilla and chimpanzee numbers, and may in fact support some of the highest great ape densities on the planet. Along with great apes, this mosaic of swamp forest, clearings, and mixed forests region contains elephants, chimpanzees, crocodiles, hippos, as well as rare and threatened birds such as crowned eagles and many species of hornbills.

Size of Ntokoua-Pikounda national park

Ntokou-Pikounda National Park covers an area coverage of 4,572-square-kilometre.

Location of Ntokoua-Pikounda national park

The park is located 555 km Northeastern part of the main capital Brazzaville.

How to get to Ntokoua-Pikounda national park

Due to the difficult road conditions we recommend taking charter flights from Brazzaville into this area however, a 4-7 Days 4×4 expedition drive can be considered please contact us for more details.

Things to do in Ntokoua-Pikounda national park

Being less developed in terms of tourism activities in this area are currently undertaken by researchers from WCS and activities like trekking gorillas, chimpanzees, birding, wildlife viewing, and canoeing can be arranged.

When/ best time to visit Ntokoua-Pikounda national park

The best time to visit Ntokoua-pikounda national park is during the long dry season from May to September making it more accessible and easier to trek primates.

Where to stay in Ntokoua-Pikounda national park

Currently, there are no developed accommodation facilities in this area flying mobile camping safaris are the best ways to overnight in the park.


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