Wildlife of Comoros Island

Wildlife of Comoros Island

The Comoros Islands are a group of islands between the African continent and Madagascar. There are four main Comoros Islands, and they enjoy a tropical and subtropical climate. As an island group, Comoros has a fair amount of native animals, many of whom are struggling because of habitat destruction. The normal cycles of cyclones and volcanic activity also have an effect on animal populations.

Comoros has three of its own species of fruit bats, which are bats that eat fruit and nectar and lack the echolocation that insectivorous bats need to hunt down their prey. The islands also have bats that do eat insects. Comoros even has a population of lemurs, which many people believe are only found in nearby Madagascar. A lemur is a primate that got its name because it reminds people of Roman lemurs or ghosts. This is because of their huge, shining eyes, eerie shrieks, and the fact that they’re most active at night. The most widespread Comoros lemur is the mongoose Lemur.

Comoros is also home to the green turtle, and the hawksbill turtle

The green turtle lays its eggs on the Comoros beaches, and the hawksbill is seen swimming around and between the islands. Other reptiles include geckos; interesting lizards that have beaded skin in beautiful colors and patterns, and pads on their toes that let them climb walls and ceilings. There are also skinks and two species of furrier chameleons, which can turn all manner of brilliant color and whose eyes seem to be encased in turrets and can look in different directions at the same time.

Turtle species

  • Green sea turtle
  • hawksbill turtle

Lemur species

  • Mongoose Lemur

Bat species

  • Livingstone bat
  • Comoro black flying fox
  • Seychelles flying fox
  • Comoro rousette

Reptile’s species

  • Comoro flap nose chameleon
  • Comoro ground Gecko
  • Comoro Day Gecko
  • The snake-eyed skink
  • Colubrid snake
  • Blind snake


  • Dugong


  • Long-beaked dolphin

Whale species

  • Killer whale
  • Cuvier’s whale
  • pygmy sperm whale
  • blainville beaked whale

Best time to see the Wildlife of Comoros island

The best time to see the wildlife of Comoros island is from March to August and this is the time when the turtles are laying eggs on the sandy beaches of the Moheli island in the Comoros Archipelago.

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