Ntingui Mountains

Ntingui Mountains

It’s a hard and steep climb from Lac Dzialandzé up to the normally cloud-covered summit of 1595m (5231ft) Mt Ntingui, the highest point on Anjouan. On a rare clear day, it affords a view over all four islands of the archipelago.

Passionate travellers can take the challenge and hike the Ntingui Mountains however you have to ensure that you have all you need for hiking as getting local equipment may be very difficult in the Island National of Indian Ocean

How to get to Ntingui Mountains

Ntingui Mountains is located in the Anjouan city of the Comoros Archipelago and the Anjouan city cam is accessible from Moroni which is the main capital of the Reunion of Comoros and travellers can land in the Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport after which domestic flights can be arranged to Anjouan where mount Ntingui is located.

What to expect on the hike of Mount Ntingui

Reaching an altitude of 1,338m (4,388ft), Ntingui Mountain Peak is the second-highest peak on the island. Take a hike to get there, and you’ll see an abundance of interesting plant and animal life on your way. When you get to the top, take a moment to appreciate the breath-taking views of the landscape and the pristine nature.

Physical fitness level is a key factor to consider for travellers interested in hiking Mount Ntingui as the trails are steep and you will not regret the decision.

When to visit Ntingui Mountains

The top of mount Ntingui is usually cloudy during the dry season from April to November and travellers can opt to hike Mount Ntingui just at the beginning of November or Late march but you can still visit any time of the year.

Where to stay before Hiking Mount Ntingui

Clients will stay in Anjouan city where there are tourist accommodation facilities and of the hotels to consider include the following Hotel le Sultan, Hotel des ilesKarama hotel and Al Djadid hotel.

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