Lake Dziani Boundouni

Lake Dziani Boundouni

Dziani Boundouni is a lake and is located in Mohéli, Comoros. The estimated terrain elevation above sea level is 138 meters.

A crater lake and one of the few freshwater lakes in Comoros, Limn logical characteristics of the site and upwelling’s suggest subterranean volcanic phenomena. The ancient lake may have some connection with the ocean. No large animal species are found, but a diverse bird population is supported.

Day walks can be arranged to explore the extraordinary water located in the Comoros Archipelago and this Crater Lake is one of the huge breeding sites for some of the endemics in the region.

How to get to Lake Dziani boundouni Comoros

Getting to Dziani Boundouni Crater Lake is very difficult if you intend to use public transport however travelers must hire a private and a guide in order to have the best experience.

Other things to do in Fomboni city

There few other activities those travelers can do at the city apart from hiking tours to the sulphur crater lake of Dziani Boundouni

Visit Nioumachoua beach

Travelers can take the bus or take a private car to reach the Beach of Nioumachoua where you can swim and enjoy good food and cold drinks.

City tours

City tours can be arranged around Fomboni and discover the culture of the people living in the small Archipelago of the Comoros island

Where to stay during a visit to Dziani Boundouni Crater Lake

Travelers can stay in Fomboni city and some of the suggested accommodation include Le Relais de Singani hotel which is pretty ok with nice views of the sea and a small beautiful garden that you can sit in so worth a stay.

Best time visit the Dziani Boundouni crater Lake

The best time to visit the Crater Lake is from March to August when the Archipelago is drier and the climate is extremely favorable and this is also the breeding season for the green turtles in the Comoros Archipelago.

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