Grande Comore City

Grande Comore City

Grande Comore is the largest island in the East African island nation of Comoros and location of the main capital Moroni and it’s where most international flights land in the Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport.

How to get to Grande Comore city Comoros

One of the easiest islands to get to is the Grande Comore that has developed both Local and international travel Networks.

By air

You can reach the island by plane at Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport near Moroni, from both international destinations and the other Comorian islands.

Car hire service

If you wish to rent a car (self-driving), expect to pay around €40 for a small car and €50 for a 4WD per day, fuel not included. The big tour around the island can be done in one day, and the road is not too bad.

Things to do in Grande Comore city Comoros

Being the largest city on the island a lot of activities can be done on the island below is some of the Activities you can do in Grande Comore.

Hike Karthala volcano

One of the largest and most dangerous volcanoes in the world because of the possibility that water inside the volcano could be heated and explode resulting in the volcano exploding and rock raining down. The most recent activity occurred in January 2007 (magma moved 7 km underground, towards a fissure on the southern side of the island, causing small earthquakes). When the volcano is calm it is a hiking destination, though supposedly a difficult two-day climb to the top.


One of the oldest settlements on Grand Comore. A short taxi ride south of Moroni. Medina-style town center. Sea cliffs from which women leaped to their deaths in the early 19th century rather than being kidnapped by Malagasy pirates and sold into slavery.


A small village a 1/2-hour walk along the coast south of Iconi. Quiet beaches, pretty village.

Coelocanth Marine Park

The second marine park in Comoros located on the southern coast adjacent to the Coelocanth habitat (steep underwater cliffs). In the process of being established as of February 2007 with an education/conservation center being built.

Volo Volo market

The largest market on the island; you can buy food, clothing, electronics, and other goods there; it is located in the center of town near many other shops, a few pharmacies, restaurants, and the hospital where you can get malaria testing done for 1000 km (roughly 2 euros)

Nassib Bakery

A half a block from Volo Volo and has delicious pain au chocolat, sandwiches, pizza, decent coffee, and porch seating where one can people-watch.

Medina section

Near the port and the Friday Mosque. It is composed of winding alleys between ancient buildings and provides a fascinating glimpse into local life. The closeness of the buildings also provides shade during the hot day.

Badjanani Mosque

One of the oldest mosques in Comoros and is religiously important to Comorians for its age and largeness (the more people pray together in one place, the more powerful the prayer). It sits on the harbor adjacent to a boat-building yard, the medina, and freighters.

Where to Stay in Grande Comore city Comoros

Being a developed and popular destination in Comoros, there is a variety of accommodation facilities in the city of Grande Comore in the East African Island nation, Some of the options to look out for included Golden Tulip Grande Comore Moroni resort, Hotel de la Paix, Hotel Arcades and Farida Lodge.

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