Grand Mosque du Vendredi

Grand Mosque du Vendredi

Set in the shadow of Mount Karthala, with a name that roughly translates to “in the heart of the fire”, Moroni is the capital city of Comoros, home to an eclectic mix of Arabic, French and Swahili cultures. Moroni is loud, somewhat gritty and possibly ever so slightly chaotic. My overloaded taxi, blaring the latest hip-hop tracks, drops me off at the famous Volo Volo Market at the heart of the city. From the get-go, it’s a sensory overload. I’m offered ripe produce from the flanks of Mount Karthala, freshly caught tunas and tasteful local fabrics worn by Chiromani – Comorian women. Vanilla aromas hang heavy in the air. I head for the serenity of the medina awash with intricate Arabic architecture and beautifully carved Zanzibar doors, a fading reminder of former glory.

The Grand Mosque du Vendredi Comoros

The Nouvelle Mosquee de Vendredi is a mosque in the Indian Ocean country of Union of Comoros. The Vendredi Mosque is noted for its unique Comoran architectural style. The Nouvelle Mosquee de Vendredi is located on the biggest island of the archipelago -Ngazidja. Ngazidja is also known as Grande Comore. The Nouvelle Mosquee de Vendredi in Comoros is situated in the country capital Moroni. The Vendredi mosque is used to hold daily prayers.

Comoros has a pretty good population of Muslims and this mosque is a popular destination for worshipers in the city of Moroni.

Tours to the Grand Mosque du Vendredi Comoros

Grand Mosque du Vendredi Comoros is really not a popular tourist attraction rather a place of worship and travellers can just have a look at the architectural building while walking through the medina and this can be done during the short walk in the city of Moroni.

This tour can be combined with many other activities in Moroni, and you don’t have a book in advance for this safari package for further information about travelling to Comoros island contact wilderness Explorers Africa your pioneer safari company in organising Exclusive Journeys by design.

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