Fomboni City Comoros

Fomboni City Comoros

Fomboni (population approx. 19,000) is the third-largest city in Comoros. It is also the capital and largest city on the island and the Autonomous Island of Mohéli of which it makes up more than one-third of the population. Characterized as quiet, it is home to an old market and a jetty.

A port was built at Fomboni on Mohéli in the early 1990s with EU funds. Sea connections exist between the islands, and ferries provide a limited amount of interisland service. Landline telephone service is available on all of the islands. Mobile phone usage and Internet access are limited in the early 21st century, but both technologies are growing in popularity.

Weather of Fomboni City Comoros

Weather conditions in Fomboni city of Comoros are usually tropical from April to November and usually, it’s the best time to visit Comoros Archipelago through exclusive safaris are on all year round.

Things to do in Fomboni city Comoros

Fomboni being the largest island city it offers a lot of activities but we recommend visiting the sulphur lake of Dziani Boundouni

Visit Nioumachoua beach

Travellers can take the bus or take a private car to reach the Beach of Nioumachoua where you can swim and enjoy good food and cold drinks.

Day walks to Dziani Boundouni

Dziani Boundouni is a sulphur crater lake of sparsely populated Mohéli which can be reached by taking day walks from Fomboni, the crater lake area is famous for bird watchers and the forest nearby provides a chance to see the rear mongoose Lemurs.

How to get to Fomboni city Comoros

Flights can be taken from Moroni to Fomboni, though the flights are hard to find online you can ask your hotel in Moroni for and updated information or contact Wilderness Explorers Africa.

Where to stay in Fomboni city Comoros

The lodging options here are not great but you can stay at the Le Relais de Singani hotel which is pretty ok with nice views of the sea and small beautiful garden that you can sit in so worth a stay.

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