Moheli Marine Park

“The smallest of the islands of the moon”

Mohéli is the smallest of the four islands of the Comoros archipelago, which is also composed of Grande Comore, Anjouan, and Mayotte. Grande Comore, Anjouan, and Mohéli form the independent Union of Comoros, whereas Mayotte is a French overseas territory. Mohéli is the wildest and least populated island of the Union, but also the most scenic and preserved, the true “Pearl of Comoros”.

Size of Moheli Marine Park

Mohéli Marine Park is the smallest of the Comoros Archipelagos; This Marine Protected Area covers 404km2 of ocean extending from the southern coast of the island.

Location of Mohéli Marine Park

Mohéli Marine Park in the Mozambique Channel is the first protected area in Comoros. It was established on 19 April 2001. The most notable feature of the park is the population of coelacanths, and the park is home to varieties of sharks and humpback whales

How to get to Mohéli Marine Park

This is definitely off the beaten path, so do not expect easy traveling to Mohéli Marine Park, there are no buses or taxis at the boat dock, transportation should definitely be arranged in advance.

There are flight companies that arrange flights to the island however booking these flights can be tricky please contact Wilderness Explorers Africa for more updated information at the time of booking your safari.

However, the marine park can be accessed from Grande Comore using a boat and advance arrangements are required.

Things to do in Mohéli Marine Park

There are many activities to be done on Mohéli and some of the activities include both natures and interacting with people living on the island

Meet the people

You can meet the different communities and listen to them tell you different stories however ensure you have a guide who can translate the language.

Enjoy the beaches

There are many beautiful beaches where you can swim. The most beautiful certainly are Sambadjou, Nioumachoua, and the beaches of the offshore islets.

Witness the sea turtles lay eggs

The sea Turtles usually come out on the sand beach to lay eggs and this can be incredible to watch.

See the Livingstone Bat

Walks can be taken on the island to search for one of the biggest bats in Africa, the Livingstone bat.

Watch the whales and sharks

Snorkeling to see the whales and shark can also be done on the Mohéli marine park

When to visit Mohéli Park

Mohéli Marine Park has a tropical climate that sees these islands basking in warm temperatures all year round, though come from April to November for the driest and balmiest conditions. Where to stay in Mohéli Marine Park

Where to stay in Mohéli Marine National Park

There are few accommodations choices, and the ecotourism bungalows are reported to not be in very good condition however this will give you a great opportunity to experience one of them off the beaten path islands with untouched tourism potential.

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