Anjouan city Comoros

Anjouan city Comoros

Anjouan also is known as Ndzuwani or Nzwani, and historically as Johanna or Hinzuan) is an autonomous High island in the Indian Ocean that forms part of the Reunion of the Comoros Its chief town is Mutsamudu and, as of 2006, its population is around 277,500. The total area of the island is 424 square kilometres (163 square miles). Anjouan is as much developed as Grand Comore, although most ladies dress in traditional clothes with bright colours. It adds charms to everyday scenes and will make your jaw drop more than once. But please do not take pictures without asking first. Women will not feel pleased if you take snaps without asking, and yes, they notice. Travellers tend to skip Anjouan, although if you are out of the beaten path you shouldn’t at all. The mountains and small villages on the island are waiting to be discovered.

How to get to Anjouan city Comoros

Anjouan city Comoros can be accessed by air or by road however travellers are advised to book flights upon arrival in Comoros.

By air

Ouani Airport has daily flights from all the other islands in the archipelago. One way flight costs about 50€, and tickets are sold in tourist agencies.

By boat

Travelling by boat to Grand Comore (Moroni) or Mohéli (Fomboni) can be done either by speed boat or cargo boat.

Speed boat. Speed boats sail to Fomboni. For security reasons tourists are often banned from boarding in speed boats, in this case, you must pay a police permit that allows you to get into it, it costs FC10.000. Always ask to see the boat and a life vest.

Things to do in Anjouan city Comoros

Anjouan city Comoros is famous for hiking safaris and real traditional life of the island of Comoros through its tourism is not developed so much it’s where the highest peak on the island is at Mount Ntingui.

Hike Ntingui Mountain

Ntingui Mountain is the highest point of the island, and the lake the biggest source of freshwater. Visiting the lake is a wonderful trip suitable for anyone, no matter physical condition. Nevertheless climbing Ntingui Mountain takes about 3h, and requires a minimum physical condition as it is very steep, even needing to use hands and feet in some tracks. However, the effort is compensated by the fantastic vegetation. Climbing Ntingui Mountain is absolutely a rewarding experience; you will find an exuberant wild forest full of life.

 Day hikes to Dzialandzé Lake

The natural park is home of the Livingston bats and the Mongoose lemur and luck clients can see this extraordinary wildlife while visiting Anjouan city Comoros,

Camping on Lake Dzialandzé

Camping with your own gear by the lake is possible and you have to provide everything you need as there are extremely limited services once you get to the Lake.

Homestay with the locals

Oussein, the owner of the only eatery in Dindri organises homestay at his mother in law. You’ll have your own room and home-made food. For those personate about traditional lifestyle will love it.

Where to stay in Anjouan city Comoros

There are pretty few good places to stay in Anjouan city and the following options can be considered while visiting the city consider the following Hotel le Sultan, Hotel des ilesKarama hotel and Al Djadid hotel

Best time to travel to Anjouan city

Travels to Anjouan city Comoros can be arranged all year round however April to November is likely to be your target while planning a safari to Anjouan city.

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