Vyanda Natural Reserve Burundi

Vyanda Natural Reserve Burundi

Vyanda Natural Reserve is a forest reserve that can be accessed from the town of Rumonge. The main attraction here is the ability to see chimpanzees. Currently, the facilities for visitors are almost non-existent but if you go to the INECN office (remember to pronounce it the French way when asking for directions, roughly “ENCN” pronounced the English way) in Rumonge you should be able to organize a visit. It’s generally set up for people with their own transport but a visit by local transport can be arranged. Expect to pay BIF10, 000 for entry and guide if you see chimps, BIF5, 000 if you don’t. You should be able to arrange transport from Rumonge for around BIF15, 000 for a return trip. The chimps here are not habituated to humans so don’t come expecting the close encounters that are possible in some places.

What to expect on Vyanda natural reserve tour

Being wild chimpanzees’ chances of having close encounters are pretty minimum and travelers to expect to walk long distances following the chimpanzees though once found the sounds of these chimpanzees are extraordinary, however, walks are beautiful in the untouched Vyanda natural reserve

How to get to Vyanda natural reserve Burundi

Using private 4×4 vehicles clients can drive from Bujumbura to Rumonge which is an 80 km road trip that can take up to 3 hours before making the final 37 km from Rumonge to Vyanda natural reserve that can take up to an hour.

Where to stay in Vyanda natural reserve

Travelers can stay at the Tanganyika Blue bay resort in Rumonge located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika or clients can stay in the local guesthouses and then drive to Vyanda natural reserve.

Our Expert tips for trekking Wild chimpanzees in Vyanda Natural reserve

Clients should not expect so much from this tour as a chimpanzee trekking tour rather than a forest nature walk and if you see the chimpanzees then it’s perfect.

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