Source of the Nile Burundi

Source of the Nile Burundi

Source of the Nile Burundi is a historical site in Burundi for the Nile which is a major north-flowing river in north-eastern Africa and is the longest river in Africa despite being long the river has several tributaries that feed either lake Victoria in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania or Lake Albert in Uganda or the Democratic Republic of Congo before the river discharges its water as the White Nile through Uganda, South Sudan and the Republic of Sudan before meeting the Blue Nile that flows from the Ethiopian highlands and the two tributaries meet in Khartoum in the Republic of Sudan before forming the Nile river that flows to the Mediterranean sea in Egypt

Burundi’s source du nil is considered one of the sources of the Nile in Burundi the source of Nile River is located 115km from Bujumbura City at the bottom of Kibimbi massif. This source is known as the southernmost source of the sources of the Nile. It is currently viewed as the origin of the Nile. The place is foreshadowed by a signpost and a pyramid located on Mount Gikizi’s slope (2145). The source is below about fifty meters from a car park.

The major “lake” source is lake Tana in Ethiopia for the Blue Nile and Lake Victoria in Uganda for the white Nile. However, the most distant stream and therefore the ultimate source of the Nile is the Luvironza River in Burundi, a tributary of the Kagera River.


From the commemorative pyramid located some fifty meters above the source, excursions can be organized through nearby hills (Mount Gikizi and Kibimbi).

How to get to Source of the Nile Burundi

By road, travelers can take a 4×4 car to drive the 115 km from Bujumbura the main capital of Burundi and this journey can take between 3-4 hours to reach the source du nil Burundi.

Where to stay at the Source of the Nile Burundi

There are no places to stay but day trips are possible so clients can choose to stay at the source du nil hotels in Bujumbura and leave early morning to see the source and return to the lodge in Bujumbura.

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