Saga Beach Burundi

Saga Beach Burundi

saga beach Burundi is located five kilometres northwest of Bujumbura, the beautiful Saga Beach was named in honour of Saga Beach Resort, which is the largest restaurant and bar in the area. It used to be known as Plage des Cocotiers (Coconut Beach). The sprawling beach is usually packed full on weekends but could be very quiet and dormant on weekdays. So be guided on which suits your relaxation needs. The long stretch of the clear and white sand is an ideal place to walk, take in some air and relax while watching the sunset over the horizon. Saga beach’s atmosphere is indeed serene and tranquil. Everyone that visits always plans a come-back.

How to get to Saga beach Burundi

Travelling to saga beach is easy as it is located 5 km away from the busy Bujumbura city and travellers can take the traditional Tuk-tuk bikes and drive in a private car.

Things to do in Saga beach Burundi

Beautiful white sandy beaches of saga beach will not only exit you but will give you an incredible escape away from the Bujumbura city and you some of these exciting activities


Travellers can go on weekdays between 9 am at 3 pm when the beach is quiet and they can enjoy a quiet environment with only the waves from the lake as they enjoy the beautiful African sun.

Enjoying fish and beer

Fish and beer is a popular way of enjoying Saga beach and travellers should try the fried Burundi Tilapia and the ice-cold local beer as they enjoy the views of the endless Blue waters of Lake Tanganyika.

Boat cruise

Boat cruise can be taken any time of the day to have the breeze and relax on the waters of Lake Tanganyika.

Watching the sunset on Lake Tanganyika

Extraordinary sunsets can be viewed on the lake shores either on the banks or on the boat we highly recommend the boat tour for travellers.

Staying at Saga beach Resort

The Saga Beach resorts consist of the older Hotel Keza, which is set back from the beach with its block of comfortable if dated rooms, and the newer Hotel Urugo. Rooms here are right in the thick of the beach action and the only thing preventing beachgoers wandering onto your private deck is the stick fence that runs around the hotel complex. The bar and restaurant here are extremely popular on the weekends.

When to Visit Saga beach Burundi

The best time to visit saga beach for tourists is from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 4 pm as they beach does get crowded in the evening and those who love the busy environment should then go from 4 pm to 8 pm in the evening.

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