Karera River Falls Burundi

Karera River Falls Burundi

The Karera River Burundi is a combination of several waterFalls hidden in a forest gallery with tall trees with treetops spread out at tens of meters high. These are sterculias (Sterculia tragacanth), Newtonia buchananii, or African tulip trees (Spathodea campanulata), also found in the Kigwena reserve, and Cordia Africana, the tree “that makes the drums talk”. All around there is a savannah with trees and other dominant species, including Parinari curatellifolia, which produces excellent fruit in jam.

The falls are situated in the conserved area of Karera covering 142 hectares. There are four falls in the Karera River, swelled by a branch from the Mwaro River coming in from the west. The latter parallels with the second on Karera River and together form, downstream, the fourth which is the strongest of all the falls.

Birds and monkeys live in the galley and the walk is a few hundred meters before reaching the falls themselves. In order to get to the 3 main falls hiking is required and travelers are advised to be fit and upon arriving at the falls you will feel the refreshment from the cool spray of water and you may meet the locals taking bath in the freshwaters.

How to Get to Karera River Falls Burundi

By road travelers can travel in a private 4×4 safari car from Bujumbura, the 164km road south of Bujumbura can take up to 4 hours

When is the best time to Visit Karera River Falls Burundi?

The best time to visit the Karera River falls is during the wet season from October to January when there is more volume of water and from March to May though the rains are not as heavy as the ones of October

Where to Stay in Karera River falls?

Travelers may have to stay in Gitega as the drive from Bujumbura to Karera River falls may prove to be so long and the available places to stay in Gitega include Tropitel Gitega hotel or the Helena hotel.

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