Gishora Drum Sanctuary

Gishora Drum Sanctuary Burundi

Gishora is one of the famous drum sites of Burundi. Gishora is perched on the top of a hill at 7km from the urban centre of Gitega and at 200m of Gitega-Ngozi route.

In Burundi, the drums were the pillar of the political power of the monarchy. They were made and beaten on special occasions by specialised families called ‘Abatimbo’ in important places, announcing great events of the country like the royal enthronement, the sowing festival, the funerals of the kings and gave the rhythm of regular seasons.

The Heart of Africa’ history and culture are literally integrated, closely guarded and easily passed to each generation. One of the most celebrated cultures is the playing of historical drums. Traditionally, as sacred objects, the drums were much more than simple musical instruments; they were used at special events. Major events for the ancient kings were announced through the drums, such a royal birth, wedding, coronation and funeral. As part of keeping their culture alive, locals play the drums at major modern-day events, particularly during national and international events. Burundian drummers are worldly known for their spectacular performances and unique chance to participate in the dances is offered at the Gishora Drum Sanctuary. Also lying in the Burundian legendary hills is the amazing secrets of the ancient kingdoms; Kiganda, a small town in Muramvya Commune which is home to historical and colonial grounds. Inaugurations of all the ancient kings were done on these grounds.

How to get to Gishora Drum Sanctuary from Gitega city

Located 7 km from the city centre one can easily get to the Gishora drum sanctuary using a tuk-tuk or a private car.

When to watch the Gishora Drum Sanctuary Burundi

Being a local entertainment group travellers can visit anytime between 8 AM -5 PM except at night and for more organised performance travellers are advised to book the entertainment show in advance to avoid disappointments for, more information contact wilderness Explorers Africa.

How much does it cost?

Though prices do change travellers should carry with them at least 30 USD per person in order to incur costs of entrance and a small donation for the performing group.

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