Bujumbura City Tours

Bujumbura City Tours

Bujumbura, formerly Usumbura, is the largest city and main port of Burundi It ships most of the country’s chief export, coffee, as well as cotton and tin ore. In late December 2018, Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza announced that he would follow through on a 2007 promise to return Gitega its former political capital status, with Bujumbura remaining as economical capital and center of commerce. A vote in the Parliament of Burundi made the change official on 16 January 2019, with all branches of government expected to move to Gitega within three years.

Bujumbura grew from a small village after it became a military post in German East Africa in 1889. After World War 1 it was made the administrative center of the Belgian League of Nations mandate of Ruanda-Urundi. The name was changed from Usumbura to Bujumbura when Burundi became independent in 1962. Since independence, Bujumbura has been the scene of frequent fighting between the country’s two main ethnic groups, with Hutu militias opposing the Tutsi dominated Burundi army.

Things to do in Bujumbura city tours

A small but exciting city with a host of activities to do on a day trip below are some of the activities you can do in the city.

The Bujumbura Golf Club

The Bujumbura Golf Club (BGC) is the only golf club in Burundi and was established in 1962, it caters to a group of diverse golfers from Burundi and outside the country.

The Livingstone–Stanley Monument

The Livingstone–Stanley Monument at Mugere in Burundi is 12 km south of the capital Bujumbura, overlooking Lake Tanganyika, and marks a location where explorer and missionary Dr. David Livingstone and journalist and explorer Henry Morton Stanley visited and spent two nights on 25–27 November 1871.

The Explorers Memorial, a huge rock in the Suburbs of Bujumbura commemorating the meeting between explorers Livingstone & Stanley.

Independence hero mausoleum & Unity monument

Best place to learn how Burundi achieved her independence and how life is before and now.

The city museum

Set up in 1977, it is one of the first curiosities determining the cultural, natural, and artistic heritages of Burundi. The museum is situated in a vast park of three hectares in the center of Bujumbura city and includes both natural and man-made attractions. You can explore an aquarium of the rare fishes of lake Tanganyika, snakes of which the experienced guide of the zoo will easily and safely make you enjoy the feel, some species of birds of Burundi, different species of crocodiles, antelopes, leopard, as well as a recreated royal palace including handicrafts carved by experienced hands.

Lake Tanganyika

On a total area of ​​32000km2, Lake Tanganyika is classified a priori the longest lake in the world, stretching over nearly 670km from north to south (50 km of average width).
With a record of the second deepest lake in the world after Baikal, it is over 1400m deep. The bottom sedimentary layers are 6000m deep. Lake Tanganyika is the second-largest reservoir of freshwater in Africa with 18800km² after Lake Victoria.
Biodiversity is very remarkable, and there are over 1300 plant and animal species identified from microscopic algae to crocodiles, over 300 species of large and small fish, invertebrates, plants among them about 500 are endemic

Visit Rusizi National Park

Visiting Rusizi National Park is a key activity where a boat trip is possible to let you explore closer the hippos and birds in the Rusizi River.

Islamic Culture Centre Bujumbura

A mosque is a unique place to the Islamic culture of the Muslims leaving in Burundi.

Visit the coffee and tea factory in Burundi

Coffee and tea are the main export products and sources of income for Burundi. During your visit, you will go through the coffee processing steps until the final product. A cup of coffee will be offered on the spot and you can buy coffee right from there.

Belvedere Hill

Belvedere Hill offers nice views of Lake Tanganyika and the city.

Tuk-tuk rides

Enjoy a Tuk-Tuks tour on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Relax at the beach

There are nice sand beaches along Lake Tanganyika where you can go and enjoy fresh fish and a cold bottle of beer or wine.

How to get Around Bujumbura city

Travelers can either use a vehicle or travel using a Tuk-tuk which we highly recommend for the first part of the tour and later you can use the car.

How safe is it to travel alone in the city during Bujumbura city tours?

Basically in the day, it’s safe and travelers should expect to hear the word “Muzungu” meaning white people and it’s social rather than abusive and avoid traveling in the night and last take care of your valuables.

Travel tips to Exploring Bujumbura city

The full-day city tour is recommended with local lunch in town before returning to the lodge at about 4 pm to take a swim after a long day out.

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