Xai Xai Village Botswana

Xai Xai Village Botswana

The tiny Xai Xai Village along the Limpopo River is home to some of the last remaining Bushman, otherwise known as the Basarwa people, in the world.

Community-based tourism began in the 1990s. This meant that local Bushman could make a profit out of the land and tourism which is generated. Community tourism made the decision that they would move bushman to conservation areas. One of these areas is the Xai Xai Village. Bushman can live in these areas without outside influence. This was also used as a means to empower these communities to take control of their land and tap natural resources. Community-Based Tourism also aimed to encourage bushman to acquire skills and tap the potential economic power of the land they lived on.

What to expect in Xai Xai village Botswana

The Xai Xai Village is a beautiful representation of how the Bushman has lived for hundreds of years: the original hunter-gatherers who live the true experience of the circle of life.  These people live relatively undisturbed and traditional lives. The laws that prescribed the community-based tourism program state that the Bushman now owns the land they stay on. They take you on horseback rides along the Aha Hills.

The bushman also offers bow-and-arrow hunting, gathering veld foods, traditional dancing, singing and storytelling, and an exceptional exploration of the Gcwihaba, also known as the Drotsky’s caves you will get the opportunity to see life in a way that has been hidden for generations. These people live simple yet totally sustainable lives and providing an alternate way of connecting with the world around them. They are able to live entirely off of the land where they spend their days living just like Bushman did hundreds of years ago.

Many travelers who experience this way of life, whether for an afternoon or for a week at a time, say that their lives are changed. They see life in a different way, more precious and basic. They realize the way that they live may not have positive effects on the world and on themselves and they want to change. Some people go on a Buddhist getaway; others come and live with the Bushman of Xai Xai.

How to Get to Xai Xai village Botswana

You can fly into Xai-Xai, which takes around 40 minutes by light plane, or take a 6-hour drive from Maun through Nokaneng and Quangwa. You will need 4×4 vehicles in order to make this journey. The landscape is very barren for the entire trip and often you can do the entire trip without seeing another person.

Can I spend a night in the Xai Xai village Botswana?

They also let visitors stay with them in camps overnight where they show you awe-inspiring stargazing opportunities. The Milky Way is clearly visible and shooting stars are a constant occurrence, yet they are breath-taking every time.

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