Kasane Town Botswana

Kasane town Botswana

Kasane is a small town that falls on the edge of Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia making a fantastic point of debarkation for thousands of tourists every year. Having heard that it has become the administration area of the world-famous Chobe area I couldn’t wait to see the renowned elephant population which has become the highest density of free-roaming elephant in the world. Situated on the tranquil banks of the Chobe River and with its spectacular sunsets and majestic African game viewing opportunities, there is no question why Kasane is a wonderful “must-do” destination in Botswana.

Tourists use this town as a connection to many destinations and attractions in other parts of Southern Africa like Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Livingstone in Zambia, Caprivi Strip in Namibia, but when staying here, the small little town becomes a destination full of experiences on its own. Staying here, you will be surprised at how close the people live with wildlife.

Things to do in Kasane Botswana

Kasane has many activities to do whether you are looking for excitement or relaxation. Fishing along the quiet banks of the Chobe River, easily accessible tours to the Victoria Falls, the historical Lesoma Memorial Monument, Seboba Water Springs, and Impalila and Kasika Village cultural tours. Enjoy the beautiful town market and then the day with a gorgeous sunset cruise or game drives.

One of the biggest attractions in Kasane is the ginormous Baobab Tree that stands behind the Police Station. It is so immense that it is big enough to fit humans inside the hollow trunk. On one of the many tours that are available in Kasane, we were told that it was even used as a prison many years ago.

Kasane is not also wild about its wildlife but its community development and land conservation too. Visit the Biodiversity Centre at the Centre for African Resources: Animals Communities and Land Use which is a fabulous center that dedicates its time to educating the community and enhancing and protecting the wildlife in the Chobe area. They offer amazing tours and education talks where they showcase unique African wildlife including snakes and rodents. This is usually a great treat for children and families as well as group tours.

Where to stay in Kasane Botswana

Accommodation ranges from five-star lodges to tented camps and even houseboats. There really is something for everyone here and is the perfect stopover town to replenish tired bodies and relax before your next adventure.

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